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How to Choose Gears for Packaging Machines

We probably open tens of packaged goods a day without realising it. Opening sandwich boxes, jars, cereal packets are all parts of our daily life. But people may not pay attention to the packaging until something goes wrong.packing machine supplier in China Accuracy and repeatability is made possible through the use of components such as high precision gears that are used to control the movement of arms on packaging machines such as palletisers. Harmonic Drive UK strain wave gears have zero backlash, which means that the robotic arms of the palletisers are accurate enough to consistently pick and place packages with perfect alignment every time.Packaging machines must deliver high performance in often demanding environments. High speed, accurate and repeatable movements are necessary in environments where temperature, pressure and loads can place a strain on electromechanical components, including packaging gears. High quality precision components are vital in machines that cartonise, fill, seal, label and palletise products. These automatic machines process and pack large quantities of material quickly and accurately. Therefore, the positioning, movement and speed of the machine is necessary to maintain safety and high standards in the factory.When choosing gearing for packaging machines, engineers should also consider the return on investment of the parts. Featuring a low part count and the use of aerospace-grade materials, Harmonic Drive gears boast a high mean-time between failure (MTBF) with no drop in accuracy over the lifetime of the gear, ensuring years of worry-free use.