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Billion dollar meat deal with Chinese importer
State Agriculture Minister Ken Baston says the deal will restore confidence in the West Australian farm sector."If average lamb consumption in China rises by one kilogram per person, an extra 65 million lambs will be required.A surge in demand for livestock is expected after Western Australia's largest meat processor signed a $1 billion deal with Chinese company Grand FarmGrand Farm is China's largest red meat importer,China goat mutton supplier but still only supplies one per cent of the Chinese market and aims to increase that level to three per cent.Under the joint venture, Bunbury-based family abattoir V&V Walsh will process an extra 500,000 lambs and 30,000 cattle a year to begin with.V&V Walsh will also assist in setting up a major undercover cattle feedlot in Inner Mongolia.Co-owner Peter Walsh says the deal marks the start of the much anticipated dining boom."It's huge for agriculture," Mr Walsh said."For every one kilogram of extra beef consumed in China, an extra 6.5 million cattle will be required."I think it's an exciting phase that agriculture's entering into in WA."It's something that will give it a boost, this means jobs, employment, confidence in people investing in buying farms.""I mean everybody has been talking China for quite a few years now but I think it's all starting to happen now."The figures are mind-boggling and they are real figures and I think it's about time the farmers got what they deserve."