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      Anhui Lushun Agricultural Co.,Ltd is located in Gaolu Town,Guoyang County,which was founded in 2013 by Guoyang County government investment projects, professional breeding Huaishan Goat.The project total investment is 20 billion yuan. Building area is 23,600 square meters.There are 20 sheep houses and covering an area of 15,600 square meters.  Two forage grass librarys cover an area of 3,600 square meters. Goats'free green grassland area is 124 mu.The breeding stock is 15,000 goats and the annual slaughter capacity is 30,000.We continue Huaishan goat pedigree from numerous bred of GuoYang.We set slaughter, processing and sales in a body to form a modern industrial chain.We stick to the principles of sweet-meated and green of high-end products to create true pedigree brand of Huaishan goat.